Saturday, May 26, 2012

I'm saying goodbye...

Ok...few days ago I decided to close OnlyRobert, this is something I was thinking for awhile, and as you know lately I wasn't posting much. This doesn't mean I don't like Robert any more. I will continue in tumblr, FB and Neverthink-sayit editing pics.
I thought that the best way to close this blog was with these news, because I feel proud of him, because after all...he made it, he showed that he is a great actor.

"Robert Pattinson is amazing - shines through in a strange costume and grotesque role, embodies difficult philosophical and political ideas, and is an excellent vehicle for analysis and understanding.
The central character (Pattinson) is a millionaire who turned New York into the luxurious limousine. Meets diverse people makes rampant sex with Ziliet Binoche, trying to win the love of his wife, who has just married by interest, unnecessarily shoots the head bodyguard.
And mostly talk. He talks incessantly. It is one of the few times in the movie the protagonist appears virtually every shot of the film. It is present in all the details, balancing between delirium and political philosophy."  You can read full review here:

"Give David Cronenberg credit for one thing: His choice to cast Robert Pattinson was an inspired and brilliant decision. While Cosmopolis is a bit too one-note to allow any proclamations about Pattinson's range, his opaque, handsome, sometimes robot-like face compliments Cronenberg's themes and styles perfectly. In terms of what the director seems to be aiming for here, his cold performance is nearly flawless. "

Full review here:

"Featuring an ensemble cast built on quick cameos, the film is anchored by a solid, ennui-filled performance by Robert Pattinson, shedding his Twilight skin for something more substantive and reminiscent of Christian Bale in American Pyscho."

Full review here:

"Robert Pattinson is magnetic as Eric Packer, slick, jaded 26-year-old CEO of Packer Capital who decides to take a fleet of Limousines across across New York City in search of a haircut. This is his best performance to date by some considerable margin. Yes, even better than Remember Me."

These are just a few great reviews that Rob had, it is wonderful, don't you think?

Last thing...Thank you to the Ozpattz they were the reason of this blog, Thank you to Setje for be so wonderful, and specially Thank you to my friend Georgie she never stop checking OR and leaving beautiful messages, Thank you to all my followers for stuck with me...Love you all! *mwaah*