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Is Kristen Stewart gay? last part of the 'theory'

Is Kristen Stewart gay?
Who knows... Well, obviously she does. Maybe. But that's not really my point - and today, I actually have one. It seems that the media is collectively doing their best damn effort to suddenly spin every Kirsten Stewart story towards a VERY straight image.

In the previous month, every story has been about her and Robert Pattinson or her and official boyfriend, Michael Angarano. The latest Kristen Stewart stories on PopSugar is an excelent example of this. Now, this wouldn't be so strange if it wasn't because there is absolutely NO focus on any kind of affair og issues with her cheating on boyfriend Michael.

Oh no, we see one story featuring a "PDA filled walk with her boyfriend" (April 28th) and six days later (May 4th) the focus is "Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart Get Intimate!" (the pictures to prove this "intimate" evening consist of them talking at a concert, mind you). But everything is totally fine as long as she is either with this boy or that boy... in the meantime, Nikki Reed has suddenly vanished from the surface of the Earth (last post on PopSugar where she was mentioned is April 20th) and if she is actually seen, you can be sure it isn't anywhere near Kristen Stewart.

Seriously, she isn't even at the award shows or anything. Suddenly we only get pictures of Kristen Stewart surrounded by four human beings of the male persuassion, with image captions such as "Kristen was all smiles, sandwiched between Taylor Lautner and fellow best kiss winner Robert Pattinson"... umm, all smiles? What picture are YOU looking at?

I mean, it is so obviously the tail wagging the dog, and their little spin to move the big star [Kristen Stewart] far away from those pescy lesbian rumours. Rumours that did actually have pictures of Kristen Stewart and Nikki Reed looking quite intimate (and only having eyes for each other) at the root. Such as this one:

Umm, yeah, they look totally crazy about good ol' Robert... positively boycrazy. Or this one:

Now, I'm not saying they ARE or WERE a couple... But that picture IS a typical couple posing for the cameras.

Then there's this interesting tidbit:

I originally saw the picture above in an article about Kristen and Nikki being seen out together yet again, but that particular article has now been changed to an article about Robert kissing Kristen on her birthday (Goddess bless Google cached for giving us the truth, LOL). Or how about these last official ones:

Anyway... I just find it umm, well, scary that the media is buying into this. Some very high-powered people must have been giving very strict orders for this to be pulled off so completely. They are just hushing this thing to death. And fine, let them try... I'm just saying, gay or not, this whole PR spin is ridiculous and really makes it look like they ARE hiding something.

Feeling cheated,
- GayGirl

P.S. ONE thing bothering me was this: Why would Kristen - or especially Nikki - go along with this? Well, there's this new movie in the works featuring the two actresses (Kristen's mom's directorial debut). The movie could be a real challenge and something different for the girls. This means that all they would have to do is tell the actresses to stay out of the press together, or the movie will never be made. Just my theory... But this thing reaks of manipulation, so why not?


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Robert Pattinson To Star In Water For Elephants? Opposite Sean Penn and Reese Witherspoon…

Opposite Sean Penn and Reese Witherspoon…
11:28, Friday, 22 January 2010
Twilight star Robert Pattinson is in talks to star in new movie Water For Elephants, according to reports.

Also being considered for the circus flick is Sean Penn while Reese Witherspoon is already signed up.

Water For Elephants is adapted from a best selling book and is set in depression era America.

The big screen adaption is being directed by Francis Lawrence- who directed I Am Legend and Lady GaGa’s recent Bad Romance vid.

They're More a Marketing Strategy than a Couple. (2nd part)

Wednesday, August 26, 2009
Celebrity Gossip Is Fake - You're All SAPS

If you listen to my radio program on 102.3 The Max (weekday mornings, 5:30 to 9:15 am), I've sure you've heard me dozens of times claiming that certain "celebrity news" items are completely bogus / staged / fake. People don't want to believe me, so I'm here to explain to you all why you're complete suckers.

Entertainment "news" has got to be a multi-billion dollar industry. People Magazine, E!, Entertainment Tonight, Entertainment Weekly, TMZ, US Weekly, National Enquirer, Perez Hilton, etc. etc. etc. all make their living reporting on the goings-on of celebrities. Who they're dating, where they were seen, whether they're fat or skinny, whether they dress well or poorly, blah blah blah. And we are such a vapid society that we eat up this stuff and ask for more.

The celebrities are fully aware of this industry, right? They know the paparazzi is out there taking pictures. They know that stories are going to be written and published in newspapers, magazines, and on the web. They know that there are dozens of hours of television every day that needs to be filled with celebrity gossip.

So do you think they aren't involved in how these stories unfold? Do you think they are unwilling participants in it all? Do you really think it's all real, and not just an attempt by these celebrities (and their agents/managers) to capitalize on the free publicity to make sure their next project (movie, tv show, albums, etc) is a success?

Let me give you an example.

This morning, the top story under the category of "juicy celebrity gossip" involved the stars of the Twilight movie and it's upcoming sequel, New Moon. Apparently, the two lead stars, Kristin Stewart and Robert Pattinson, are an "item" in real life, and were recently seen together at a Kings of Leon concert getting fairly cozy (as described in this story among others).

So it's every teenage fangirl's fantasy for "Edward" and "Bella" (their characters in the Twilight films) to be in love for REAL, and suddenly it's playing out in the press as the new movie is being prepped for theaters. Hmmmmmmmmmm. Seem a little fishy to you? No? You think it's real? These two actors are really in love, and they had no clue that going to a rock concert and getting frisky would draw attention to them? Because clearly two celebrities who are trying to "hide" their relationship would go sit in a fricking stadium full of people and start with the PDAs while the photogs snap away.

Let me tell you how this really played out, in my opinion (no I can't back this up, but hear me out). Their managers sit them down and say, "Hey kids - we can get a TON of free press for you AND for this new movie if we pretend that you two are a REAL COUPLE! The kids will eat it up! But we don't want to come out and say it - we want to tease it, keep it in the news cycles for a few weeks. Maybe we'll send you out in public a few times and let them take pictures of you holding hands. Heck we'll send our own photographers to make sure they get the pics from a good angle, too - then we'll leak them to TMZ. And then we'll have you two come out as a couple right as the movie's opening! The box office will be huge! And then maybe we'll have you break up just before it comes out on video to get you back in the news for a few days! It's brilliant!"

This isn't just about Stewart and Pattinson. It's about ALL OF THEM. I am firmly convinced that celebrity relationships are arranged by their agents to maximize publicity for the stars.

Here are some of my theories, none of which I can prove:
- Jon and Kate didn't really become famous until they had marriage problems. I believe these problems are staged. They split up right as the season was starting, and I bet they'll be trying to work things out by the time the next season is ramping up.
- Every dating relationship that Jennifer Anniston has ever had has been arranged, including her marriage to Brad Pitt
- Everything that's ever happened on a "Real Housewives" show is scripted, including the "real life" fights between the stars
- Heidi and Spencer aren't really a couple, and are probably the most untalented "famous" people currently making headlines, meaning they have fantastic agents/managers/publicists.
- The plan on American Idol has been to get rid of Paula for over a year. That's why they brought Kara on board last season. This most recent round of stories about Paula "quitting" after "negotiations" broke down are complete horse-crap. She was canned, and this was all a way for her to save face so she wouldn't badmouth the show or reveal any Idol secrets/dirt during one of her drunken rants.

Are you with me? Do you see how this works? I challenge you to start paying attention to the celebrity gossip. Most of the celebrities in the "news" have projects come out. These stories are not accidents! They are carefully arranged. Most celebrity "marriages" (which I think are staged about 95% of the time) happen when their movies are coming soon, and most divorces happen about the time their next movie is coming out.

I think it's also likely that the gossip shows and magazines are involved in the process, and they probably receive money to cover certain things as well as pay big bucks for exclusive stories.

Don't be a sheeple. Don't believe the gossip. You're being taken for a ride so that these people can promote their movies, tv shows, and concert tours. QUIT SPENDING YOUR MONEY ON THIS CRAP.

If you're really mad at your money, you can send it to me.

by Aaron Miller

Robert Pattinson on 'Hope For Haiti'

You can make a donation at the AUSTRALIAN RED CROSS 'HAITI EARTHQUAKE APPEAL 2010'

Robert Pattinson To Have 'Rough & Ravenous' Sex Scene With Kristen Scott Thomas

Twilight hunk Robert Pattinson is set to test his sex symbol status in upcoming movie "Bel Ami" - his character enjoys racy romps with Christina Ricci, Uma Thurman and Kristin Scott Thomas.

Life & Style has obtained a copy of the script, which leaves little to the imagination.

Pattinson, who plays journalist Georges Duroy in the film, climbs the social ladder by sleeping with a series of prominent women.

One of his sex encounters is a fiery romp with Ricci, another is a quickie with Thurman's Madeleine, while Brit Scott Thomas' romp in the film is described by the publication as "rough and ravenous."

The movie hunk's character also has sex up against a door with a prostitute.

Rpattz is a Beardo

Looks like Robert Pattinson has given up being an on-screen vampire to try his hand at being a real-life werewolf! The Twilight Saga’s leading man showed off his wintry scruff as he headed back to his hotel in London after a visit to the TV studio where he will be broadcasting his segment of tonight’s Hope For Haiti telethon to benefit the relief efforts in the earthquake-devastated island nation.
Joining R-Pattz in London will be Jay-Z, Rihanna and Bono.

Friday, January 22, 2010

They're More a Marketing Strategy than a Couple. (to be continue)

– We’re not even sure why the magazines keep pushing it, but this couple who are said to be romantically involved, are actually [anything] but. Sure, they’re having fun playing with the press, but it’s mostly because they are told it would be a good marketing strategy for their career. Everyone around them knows however, that they are just good friends, not lovers. One in all the media buzz is actually rumored to swing the other way.


It’s Rob Pattinson and Kristen Stewart!
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