Sunday, October 24, 2010

Robert Pattinson – What is Robert Pattinson riding now? Guess ?

Twilight hunk Robert Pattinson has developed a new craze these days and before you start guessing we have an instant answer for you. The 24 year old hunk has recently gifted himself a gorgeous 2010 Felt Breed Cyclo-X bike.
Robert bought this beautiful blue bike very quietly from a cycling shop called ‘Capitol Cyclery’ on Essen Lane in Louisiana. He paid a good amount of $1,000 for this new love of him. The actor is now preparing for his next film The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn, which will be shot in Baton Rouge, Louisiana.
Now, the time has come when the actor is required to be in best of his shape. So, he should be regular in gyms these days and this new bike will be probably his best vehicle for this.
The sexiest young actor of Hollywood just dropped by this nicest bike shop in the area and purchased the cycle in few minutes.
The ‘Capitol Cyclery’ store manager was quoted saying that Robert came to the shop with a person, who might be the actor’s agent and she was in the shop for around 30 minutes. He came on a Sunday afternoon, when hardly any customer visits the shop and then picked the bike comfortably. He added that Robert was looking very comfortable in presence of less people around him. He found the star to be very humble and quiet. The manager informed that Pattinson wanted to buy a vehicle for off-road and as well as on the road.
The upcoming film Breaking Dawn will be shot mostly in the woodsy area and that will be perfect place, where Robert can ride around with girlfriend and co-star KristenStewart!
source: Tellycafe


Georgie said...

Woodsy area? What about Isle Esme - that'll need a tropical island setting. Let's hope this means that Rob is striving to look fit because there'll be lots of semi-nekkid scenes of him!

Cindeeloo said...

So are they not shooting in Vancouver at all?

@Georgie...I heard somewhere they are shooting Isle Esme in Rio?

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