Saturday, November 6, 2010

Lucky girl!!

@ gilmaraheil is the Brazilian lucky who caught the same flight Robsten for Brazil.
She sat next to them and soon noticed the presence of the couple, already took a picture and Twitter, leaving all Brazilian fans euphoric.
Here some of her twitts

-Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart traveled in business class flight to Brazil, sat together, but behaved just like friends.

-They slept almost the entire flight, ate very fast and little. Kristen not slept on the shoulder of Robert to sleep.

-Their bouncers were rigid and not let the staff come close.

Gilmara got an autograph because asked for a Commissioner.

According to Gil, Robert and Kristen are much more beautiful live, but Robert is even more.

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Georgie said...

I have to laugh at the cute translation; I saw somewhere else that Rob was "smelly" which I'm sure meant that he smelt nice!