Wednesday, April 14, 2010

A NEW VIDEO 100% Robert Pattinson Content: Pure Unadulterated Sexy Bliss [6th Part of 6] - La La Love You

Love it!! Thank you Biel!


JandR said...

Pretty Baby indeed - Biel you have outdone yourself yet again my love! Now I know a certain someone who was going a little crazy trying to locate those entry shots of Rob on The View - sweet work!! lol How do you always manage to find the perfect combination of music and timing and oh so beautiful image choices?? Love, love, love your work. Please don't ever stop! :D

Biel said...

@JandR, thank you so much dear! that grey suit is THE suit, he was dressed to kill us all... it's like those pants are entering the room by themselves! since then, the_suit holds a special place in my heart next to the button fly jeans, the red & Stoli tees and the sexboots :)

JandR said...

OMG Biel - button-fly jeans and black v neck tee are the ones that do me in! But he does look great in red too I agree.

Who am I kidding? The guy looks great in everything and also in nothing. ;)) And you do him sweet justice every it!

Ginger said...

Ahh The viddy master is here!!! Biel Hun you know what I think of your awesome skills <3 <3
I have to say my ultimate favourite parts are.... The “Junk” View Suit walk! The giggles/laughs, the oh I shouldn’t say that voice over! Tee-hee I think this all the the stripping of the shirt *drool* and the very last black and white scene screams old Hollywood icon gorgeous to me. KILLS ME EVERYTIME!!